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CPD Provision Services

Enhance your knowledge and skills with our expert CPD provision

Develop your team and help your customers

Assistance with product development, R&D and more

Training and Education
Development Consulting
MHRA Responsible Person

We can help you add medical devices to the MHRA portal

Procurement Assistance

Helping you source the right products for your business

Sales Support

Supporting sales and marketing for your business

About Us

F.Y. Eye Consulting, founded by UK optometrist Jason Higginbotham, offers a wide range of services to support the eye care sector.

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Innovative Eye Care Solutions

Discover our comprehensive range of services tailored for the eye care sector. Let us assist you with CPD provision, training, device development, and more.

Professional Development

We help practices and professionals develop their knowledge, increase revenue streams and upskill their staff.

Product Support for Start Ups

Assistance with product launch, development, registration, distribution and R&D.


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